Bailey Working Group I Basics

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Bailey Working Group I Basics

  • Model: 6080
  • Manufactured by: Bailey
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Bailey Working Group I Basics

Bailey Manufacturing's work hardening products are designed to allow the therapist to progressively challenge an individual's strength, endurance and simulate on the job work tasks. Bailey has developed a variety of products that will aid the therapist in achieving these goals, such as; 5 sizes of lift boxes, lifting platform, hand assembly device, 2 electrical assembly centers, sorting bin, adjustable height shelf, weight sleds, both table top and wall mounted work stations, shoveling station, both mechanical and electronic force gauges, hand evaluation set, hydraulic dynamometer and pinch gauges. We have also combined select products into packages that make it easy and economical to start or expand your work hardening program.

6080 Working Group I Basics Includes

  • 1 ea. Model 720 - Step Stool

  • 1 ea. Model 6020 - Work Device

  • 1 ea. Model 6021 - Companion Sled

  • 1 ea. Model 6030 - Lifting Bolt Center

  • 1 ea. Model 6031 - Work Station

  • 1 ea. Model 6032 - Lift Box

  • 1 ea. Model 6049 - Adjustable Height Shelf


  • Brand: Bailey

  • Product Type: Working Group

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Brand: Bailey