D680 UV Excimer, Diode, InGaAs Laser Safety Glasses - Model 375

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Laser Safety Glasses for Professionals

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  • Manufactured by: Phillips Safety Products

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    D680 UV Excimer Diode InGaAs Laser Safety Glasses - Model 375
    The 375 frame is a premium protective eyewear frame centered on laser protection and performance. The RX-375 is ANSI Z87+ approved
    The Model 375 laser glasses provide laser protection in a comfortable, snug fitting design. The model 375 laser glasses with D680 UV Excimer Diod InGaAs filters will keep your eyes protected within the wavelength ranges listed below. The polycarb lenses are lightweight and have exceptional optical clarity for all day wear.   
    OD>6 from 190-370nm
    OD>2 from 660-780nm 
    OD>3 from 745-1115nm
    OD>5 from 800-904nm
    OD>6 from 905-1075nm
    OD>6 from 10600nm
    VLT = 64%

    Laser Specifications

    Additional Information
    Weight: 1 lbs
    Dimensions: 8x6x4 in
    Brand: Phillips Safety Products
    Frame Color: Black
    Temple Style: Bent
    Laser Type: D680 UV Excimer Diode InGaAs