High Pressure Syringes – How They Work

by admin on July 03, 2020
Image of High Pressure Syringe Kemper Medical only sources the best quality medical products from well-renowned manufacturers. We offer a wide range of generic injector syringes that imitate the more expensive ones, including CT injector syringes and high-pressure syringes. We make imaging procedures’ cost more affordable to people, but we never skimp on quality. We are of the same level as OEM brands, yet we offer much lower prices. CT injector syringes are very expensive, which makes CT one of the most expensive diagnostic procedures available today. Each procedure generally costs thousands of dollars. If you do not have the budget to pay for these syringes, then it is better that you buy their generic counterpart. You will get to benefit from the same level of quality for a fraction of the cost. Generic brands do not cost as much as big-name brands because they do not have all the hype of marketing. When it comes to medicine, every tiny detail is important. It can be especially difficult to differentiate tissues or organs in radiological diagnostics. In a lot of cases, differentiation can only be achieved when contrast agents apply. The contrast media injectors that we have for Computed Tomography or CT and Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI have been used in clinics and radiological surgeries for many years already. They are easy to use, hygienic, and high in quality. high-pressure-syringe We guarantee that our CT injector syringes are the best ones on the market. They have excellent quality, proven hygienic safety, and easy operation, which is why they are indispensable for daily diagnostics. We have the same excellent design as other more expensive brands. The design we use is based on a roll pump. It directly facilitates injection from the contrast media container Here at Kemper Medical, we offer a low cost alternative to pricey branded syringes, offering high quality syringes to cath labs, imaging centers, and radiology suites. Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computed Tomography save lives by giving an early diagnosis for diseases that are life threatening. These include heart diseases and cancers. The generic medical supplies that we have can significantly bring down the costs of such procedures, so patients can easily access them even when they do not have sufficient financial resources. Our equivalent product line features cases that contain fifty syringes each. Once you order from us, we immediately process it so that you can receive your item in one to two business days. We ship our products all over the world through the freight forwarder MyUs. Nevertheless, as clients, you have the option to choose your own freight forwarder if you do not like MyUs. They are an excellent company, however, which is why we recommend that you apply for an account number with them. This way, they can choose from the shipping options available. Our CTP-125-FLS are front-loading syringes that are equivalent to the Medrad Front Load Syringe Kit, which is used in Medrad Vistron CT and Medrad Envision CT injection systems. The two systems are reliable. They deliver the exact doses of contrast media in order to ensure optimum diagnostic accuracy through accurate diagnostic images. Every one of the packages comes with a 60-inch coiled low-pressure connecting tube, a fill straw tube, and a 125-ml syringe. Our 150-FT-Q/ 200-FT-Q high pressure syringes work with both Mark V and Mark V ProVis Computed Tomography injector systems. Even though the latter is no longer sold in the United States, these injectors are still used in various medical centers that use their supplies. Every one of the packages comes with a fill straw tube and a 150-ml syringe. Generic injector syringes as well as other unbranded medical devices have started to become more popular in the United States. In fact, they may account for the increasing share of the medical devices market. More and more health care providers are starting to feel the pressure of lowering costs. Since 2013, the medical device market has been estimated to have a size of $125.4 billion. By 2016, it is expected to reach $133 billion. Anyway, Kemper Medical has low priced products, but this does not mean that our products are cheap. Our company was specifically built to function on a very thin margin. We offer high quality products and services without the huge price tag. If you search online for similar products, you will discover that they are much more expensive on other websites. Since 2008, our company has been known to provide affordable alternatives to products you see on the medical devices market.