Holders (30)

Weight Bearing Footstool

MSRP $1,190.00
Our Price $875.00

Weight Bearing Cassette Holder - Foam

MSRP $189.00
Our Price $144.00

1-Step Platform for Film, CR and DR Systems

MSRP $2,192.00

Mobile DR CR Plate Holder By Techno-Aide

MSRP $1,800.00
Our Price $1,365.00

V-Base Mobile Unit for DR

MSRP $690.00

3-Step Platform with Side Rail for CR and...

MSRP $4,382.00

2-Step Platform for CR & DR Systems

MSRP $3,107.00

Mobile Tilt & Rotate Image Receptor Holder

MSRP $1,800.00
Our Price $1,365.00

RC Imaging XArm Weight Bearing Platform

MSRP $4,885.00
Our Price $3,914.00

Techno-Aide Lateral Imaging Receptor Holder

MSRP $330.00
Our Price $250.00

Mobile Weight Bearing Imaging Platforms

MSRP $3,198.00

V-Base Tilt and Rotate for DR Plates or...

MSRP $1,565.00
Our Price $1,295.00