Regular Health Checkups are Essential After Age 40

by admin on June 09, 2020
Doctors recommend "once per year" check-ups for people over 40. While it's true that certain doctors believe that checkups every one to three years are sufficient at age 40 and afterwards, there's certainly no harm is getting into the habit of scheduling regular medical checkups annually. When you do go for a yearly checkup, your doctor may be able to notice problems early (if problems are present). One of the secrets of resolving health issues is catching them early.

Which Tests Should Women Get?

Women should get pap smears and breast exams, on top of all of the tests that doctors do during routine checkups. As well, women who feel that they may be pre-menopausal or menopausal may want to ask for tests which determine which stage of the menopause process they are in. Other common tests for women over forty include pelvic examinations and ultrasound tests, which help to determine ovary health.

Which Tests Should Men Get?

Men should get prostate exams yearly once they turn forty. These tests help to ensure that there aren't any problems. This type of test is sometimes given every two years. Talk to your doctor to see which testing schedule is followed at his medical office. As well, men should get their testosterone levels checked every twelve months. Some men suffer from decreased testosterone levels as they age and the loss of testosterone tends to trigger a range of symptoms, from loss of libido to weight gain to hair loss to loss of energy.

How to Find a Good Doctor

If you're used to dropping by a clinic when you need medical assistance and health advice, you should know that there is great value in finding a family doctor, especially when you're over 40. Over 40 is a good time to build a real relationship with one doctor. It's nice to have a doctor who knows you. With a clinic setup, doctors rotate shifts and you may never see the same one twice. With a family doctor, you'll always be seeing the same physician. Just Google your town or city, plus the search terms, "family doctor accepting new patients" and see what pops up. You may also want to check out reviews of family doctors who are currently accepting new patients. When you get a checkup once a year and get the right tests for your gender, you'll guard your good health. So, why not book an appointment for an annual check-up today?