X-Ray Lead Markers And Information

by admin on July 06, 2020

X-Ray Lead Markers From Kemper Medical

x-ray lead markersWhether you’re a radiological professional at a dental practice, hospital, veterinary clinic, or chiropractic facility, Kemper Medical provides the x-ray lead markers you need to indicate all of the information that is medically and legally required for your field. X-ray lead markers are effective because lead is a natural radiation blocker. When radiation fails to pass through certain markings, they will leave a negative space on the x-ray, through which certain important pieces of information are recorded. All radiological technicians should be trained in the proper use of x-ray lead markers throughout the course of their schooling if they are using x-rays for diagnostic purposes, and they should be able to use them appropriately in any of their respective fields. You may recognize x-ray lead markers by their various other names, which include:
  • Anatomical side markers
  • Lead markers
  • Pb markers
  • Radiographic film identification markers
X-ray lead markers give radiological technicians the ability to record information on x-rays, such as:
  • The exact time and date the x-ray was taken.
  • The patient’s name.
  • The radiographer (this is generally accomplished through an imprint of their initials).
  • The distinction between the left and right sides of the body.
  • The position the patient’s body was in at the time of the x-ray.
Our x-ray lead markers will give you all of the information you and your patients need, as they’ve been manufactured by the leading supply companies in the industry who have gained a reputation of quality and reliability over the years.

The Medical Necessity Of X-Ray Lead Markers

x-ray lead markersWith x-ray lead markers, you’ll be able to record all of the information required for medical purposes. This is an essential factor involved with accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. The ramifications of inaccurate diagnostics can be very costly. At best, they can result in less effective treatment, and at worst, in fatal outcomes for the patient. All radiological technicians should understand that their x-ray lead markers should be placed within the main beam of radiographs, and that certain details should also be recorded, such as the distinction of the left side of the body from the right. This distinction is medically necessary for a number of reasons. Here are some conditions in which the reasons for such a distinction is obvious:
  • Dextrocardia: Those with this condition have their heart located in the right side of their chest, rather than the left.
  • Situs Inversus: Those with this condition have all of their organs located on the opposite side of their body.
These conditions should make the purpose for the left/right distinction quite obvious, however, there are many other, more subtle conditions in which this distinction is equally important. No matter how arbitrary it may seem to the layman, all medical facilities should be suing x-ray lead markers that make this distinction absolutely transparent through the use of clearly visible markings.

The Legal Necessity Of X-Ray Lead Markers

The importance of x-ray lead markers extend to the legal realm, in which strict legal requirements make certain markings a requirement for an x-ray’s use as a legal document. Failing to include these key markings will void their use as a legal document in the unfortunate event that a medical facility is to be involved in a lawsuit. Radiation has to pass through an x-ray lead marker in such a way that all of the required information becomes properly imprinted upon it in a concise, clear, and legible manner. Depending on the medical facility, it may be a requirement that the radiological technician’s initials are recorded on the x-ray, or that they use their own personal x-ray lead marker for all radiological diagnostics that they perform. Kemper Medical provides all of the x-ray lead markers that you need both legally and medically. No matter what the requirements might be, our x-ray lead markers will fulfill them.

Various Forms Of X-Ray Lead Markers

  • Standard Left/Right X-Ray Lead Markers: Being able to distinguish between the left and right sides of the body is an invaluable factor in accurate radiological diagnostics. Our x-ray lead markers will ensure that distinction. All medical facilities should incorporate the standard left/right radiology markers for both medical and legal purposes.
  • Informative X-Ray Lead Markers: These give rad techs the ability to record key pieces of information, such as the measurement standards, time elapsed, and date of the x-ray, as well as the patient’s name and the name of the radiographer.
  • Mammography X-Ray Lead Markers: These markers include a standardized set of abbreviations that were all created by the ACR (American College Of Radiology). This set is comprised of any different markers, all of which allow radiological technicians to label multiple mammographic images using a variety of imprints.
  • Positioning X-Ray Lead Markers: These are ideal for recording information such as the patient’s body position. They are also great for recording whether or not the patient was erect or supine, or weight bearing or not, during the time of the x-ray.
  • Sun-Dial X-Ray Lead Markers: With these x-ray lead markers, radiological technicians will have the ability to record information pertaining to the amount of time passed since the initial injury, or the time of their administration, and the taking of the x-ray itself. The center dial can record anywhere from fifteen minutes to forty eight hours.
  • Skin Markers: These x-ray lead markers give radiological technicians the ability to highlight various areas of the skin through scar tissue wire, bb markers, semi-translucent markers, and lead wire markers.

Recent Developments In X-Ray Lead Marker Technology

With technology constantly moving forward, it may be time for your to update your x-ray lead markers with some of the latest developments:
  • Clip Markers: These make attaching a marker to a cassette very easy.
  • Copper Backing: These are great for procedures that involve high KV settings.
  • Classic Elite Markers: These are designed to meet all of the demands of modern imaging procedures.
  • Wafer Thin Markers: These involve a very easy bucky clearance, and are made to perfectly accommodate the latest modern digital equipment.

Why Choose Kemper Medical For X-Ray Lead Markers?

As a worldwide distributor of x-ray lead markers, Kemper Medical prides itself on its hand in the adequate diagnosis and subsequent treatment of people all over the word. We are dedicated to the medical field at large by providing high quality x-ray lead markers at affordable prices. If you require x-ray lead markers, contact Kemper Medical today!