3 Qualities of Good Radiation Protection Eyewear

by admin on June 16, 2020
Radiation-Glasses There are many of us who are not aware of the dangers of radiation exposure to our eyes. This pair of complex organs is susceptible to harmful radiation effects, even with minimal exposure. Why? Here are three reasons:
  • The eye, specifically the lens, is recognized as one of the most radiosensitive parts of the body. Even small amounts of radiation exposure can lead to serious eye damages, including permanent loss of vision.
  • Side effects to the eyes due to radiation exposure are accumulative. Seemingly harmless amounts of radiation exposure can build up over time. Before we know it, it is already too late to protect our eyes from irreversible damages.
  • The damage can occur unexpectedly because there are usually no symptoms manifested by our eyes during the radiation exposure. There is no pain at all or anything unusual during the actual exposure. The symptom can appear one to three hours after the exposure or sometimes even longer. It usually starts with a dull pain. Then it can progress to swelling and first-degree burns to the eyes.
There is no need to fear all kinds of radiation, however. Not all of them are hazardous. There are two kinds of radiation — nonionizing and ionizing. The former does not cause tissue damages. Examples of this are those from radio waves, radar and microwave. On the other hand, ionizing radiation, which comes from particle bombardment, gamma rays, and X-rays, produces instant chemical effects on tissues. Therefore, we must try to avoid direct exposure to these. Ionizing radiation is mostly used for diagnostic exams and medical treatment, weapons and their development, manufacturing and industrial purposes, and so on. Hence, there are many people who are at risk of being exposed to radiation. Prevention is key to the safety of our eyes from radiation exposure. How can this be done? One of the precautionary measures is to wear radiation protection glasses. This act alone significantly reduces the risks of eye damages. Here are three important features to look for:
  1. The radiation protection eyewear should provide total shield from all possible harm to our eyes. There should be maximum coverage of our eyes (the sides included) without too much disruption or disturbance as we go about our activities. With the proper personal protection tools, such as the lead or radiation eyewear, we can avoid injuries to the following parts of the eyes.
    1. The external eye. The first to be affected with radiation exposure are the tissues of the external eye. This includes glandular ducts, cornea, conjunctiva epithelium, and lacrimal drainage apparatus.
    2. The anterior intraocular components. Exposure of radiation to the iris, anterior chamber angle, and lens can lead to the development of glaucoma and cataracts. Symptoms of these diseases include the inability to see objects when there is increased glare or bright sunlight. There is also a decrease in the sharpness and focus of eyesight.
    3. The posterior intraocular components. This includes the retina, optic disc, and choroid. Damages of these parts can lead to visual loss after two to three years.
    4. Eyelid and orbital tissue. Loss of eyelashes and desquamation (shedding of the layers of the skin) on the eyelid can occur.
  2. The radiation glasses should be properly fitted. As much as possible, it is customized according to the sizes of our eyes and bridge plus the length of our temples:
If the pair is ill-fitting, there is the possibility of our protective eyewear falling while we are inside a radioactive room or place. Other features that would make our eyewear safe to use are the following:
  1. Rubberized nose bridge or nose pads
  2. Lightweight
  3. Flexible spring hinge temples
  4. Rubber tip temples
An added bonus feature is low-maintenance in cleaning and storing the radiation protection glasses.
  1. The price of the radiation protection glasses should be right, too. I firmly believe that safety does need to be expensive. Here is where Kemper Medical comes in. Kemper Medical is one good choice to purchase quality protective eyewear without hurting the pocket. We can save as much as 50% (and sometimes, even higher than this) from this seller of premium medical supplies. For instance, a pair of wraparound lead glasses would only cost around $90 with Kemper Medical. Other sellers would charge $195 or higher for the same pair of eyewear.
Not all radiation protection eyewear are created equal. Let’s all choose wisely. Make sure that the radiation or lead glasses we have would keep us protected and safe from all possible dangers of radiation exposure. In addition, it must be user-friendly in terms of comfort, maintenance, and storage. Finally, it should be reasonably priced. Let us give special care when purchasing our protective eyewear. After all, the eye is our most valuable sensory organ. Be free from radiation-induced eye damages and diseases. Let us have the best radiation protection eyewear from Kemper Medical today.