Choosing Radiation Glasses 101

by admin on June 07, 2020
Radiation-Glasses We work with lasers almost every day. Not the kind of lasers you see in Hollywood movies however. We're not the laser gun touting guys blasting off video game enemies either. We don’t have a spaceship that carries a laser cannon destroying Death Stars. No, we use lasers to remove tooth decay, cure gum disease, whiten teeth, and during a biopsy procedure. Yes, in this case, we're a dentist and we're talking about the advancement of tools available that have led to the use of lasers in some of the treatment procedures we undertake. Unfortunately, working lasers can be hazardous. Although the kind we use may not have the power to cut a car in half, it can do damage to your eyes, or your patients’. Thus the need for eye protection during procedures that call for lasers. Here are a few reasons why: It's important to know, not all laser protection glasses, or radiation glasses, are alike. We recommend looking over a few options to find the ones you really like. All the features you require will be found with Kemper Medical protective glasses. 9941-red

Factors To Consider When Looking For Laser Protection Glasses

  • Wavelength of the laser. This is expresses in micrometers or nanometers. The laser device I’m using has two wavelengths, one for the aiming beam and the other for the operating beam. The aiming is typically safe for the eyes. It is the operating beam that can do damage. If it can cut through teeth, imagine what it can do to the soft tissues in my eyes. Ouch. Good thing, Kemper Medical radiation glasses protects me from a wide spectrum of wavelengths.
  • Viewing conditions. I work in an environment where my eyes can be exposed directly to laser, either accidental or intentional. I’m still on the right mind not to do the latter. Even reflected, diffused, or scattered laser beams can do damage to my eyes, but having my Kemper Medical radiation protection glasses during my dental procedures prevents that from happening.
  • Power of the laser. Some lasers operate as pulsed systems and some as continuous wave. The power of multi-pulsed lasers is measured in joules (energy), the length of the pulse in seconds, and the rate of repetition in Hertz. The power of a continuous wave laser is measured in Watts. I make sure that the protective glasses I’m wearing have got those covered, and my eyes protected.
  • Some dental procedures can take long hours requiring me and my patient to wear protective glasses throughout the length of the session. Choosing the right fit, shape, and weight of the glasses is important. Ill-fitting, heavy glasses can be tedious to wear and my affect my performance and test my patient’s patience. No pun intended. Kemper Medical has a wide selection of lead glasses available in a variety of colors, styles, and materials used. I’m a bit of a conservative so I’m expected to lean towards classic designs but my patients might want to rock it. Either way, Kemper Medical has got that covered.
  • Field of view. As a dentist, I need to see as wide area as possible during my procedures. But eye safety should also come to play when I’m working with my laser equipment. Kemper Medical offer designs that are sure to meet any dentist’s requirements when it comes to field of view from typical designs to glasses that have full side protection. The latter might limit my field of view but I prefer safety more. I can always move my head around to cover more surface area.
  • Color visibility. The color of the glasses used in the protective eyewear might limit the color ranges one sees. I choose glasses that let me see as much color as possible and also make the laser beam visible. Seeing what I’m hitting is important for me as a dentist, especially during laser procedures.
Kemper Medical offers radiation protection glasses for people working in different areas that require the use of lasers - from dentists, hospitals, scientists, radiologists, and more. We also sell brand name glasses that can be bought online for a low price. We can do that because of our business model, which lets us sell products at a much cheaper price compared to our competitors. Visit our store and take a look at our radiation glasses for more details.