Generic High Pressure Syringes for Mallinckrodt Injection Systems

by admin on June 17, 2020
high-pressure-syringes Kemper Medical sells generic high pressure syringes that are compatible with the CT and MRI contrast media injection systems produced by Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. Based in Dublin, Mallinckrodt produces specialty pharmaceuticals as well as specialized devices. Mallinckrodt had previously been part of global health care company Covidien, before separating and becoming a stand-alone company on June 2013. It is currently publicly-traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the MNK ticker symbol. Mallinckrodt’s line of imaging injectors are designed to allow health care professionals to focus their attention on the patient during CT or MRI procedures by automating as much of it as possible to make the process less labor-intensive. Operators can spend more time putting patients at easy during imaging procedures. Their brands are Optivantage and Optistar. The delivery systems for which equivalent high pressure syringes are available include: Mallinckrodt CT 9000 ADV. This injection system uses a single head to deliver contrast media and accommodates front loading 200ml empty syringes or pre-filled syringes with capacities ranging from 50ml to 125ml. The system is operated from a touchscreen that allows you to activate the injection with just a few key strokes, and allows you to program up to four phases including scan delay and injection features. The device memory allows you to store Optivantage Dual-Head. This advanced system features Patency Check that lets the imaging machine operator to confirm that there is a patent fluid pathway before injecting contrast media as well as Timing Bolus to ensure maximum image quality by determining the ideal scan delay through first injecting contrast media, and following it up with a saline flush. It also allows the operator to perform as many as six phases of alternating injections of contrast media and saline, or to inject them simultaneously. Faceplates are included for both empty and pre-filled syringes. The equivalent high-pressure syringe products currently offered for the CT 9000 ADV and the Optivantage: OEM Equivalent 800099 and OEM Equivalent 844015 syringes. Each kit contains one 200ml syringe with a quick-fill straw and a 150cm coiled tube. Each case contains fifty syringes and orders have a lead-time of one to two business days. OEM Equivalent 844021.Each kit contains one 200ml syringe with a quick-fill straw and 150cm Y-coiled tubing with a Dual-Check Valve. Also available is an 844021-equivalent 200ml syringe that comes with a long spike rather than coiled tubing for refilling the syringes from IV bags. OEM Equivalent 844023. Each kit includes two 200ml syringes with two large spikes or two quick-fill tubes and a 60-inch low-pressure coiled CT Y-connecting tube. Also available is a custom syringe kit option that includes just one syringe with accessories. Optistar Elite. Apart from the Patency Check and Timing Bolus feature, you can also program up to four injection phases for each protocol, and up to forty protocols can be stored in the device memory. It also offers battery-free operation, which eliminates time wasted charging batteries before the device can be operated. The system features a color LCD touch screen with easy-to-navigate controls and status screens to make monitoring the protocol simpler. Equivalent syringes are also available for the earlier Optistar LE Dual-Head injection system. The equivalent disposable syringes available include: OEM Equivalent 801800. Each kit contains one 60ml syringe, a long spike and a 96-inch low-pressure coiled connecting tube. Also available is a kit with two syringes, a long spike and a short spike and a coiled 96-inch CT low-pressure Y-connecting tube. Kemper Medical is in the forefront of providing some of the best generic medical accessories. The use of unbranded medical devices has gained more widespread acceptance in recent years as medical professionals realize that using these generic devices does not represent a lower-quality alternative to branded products. At the same time, they appreciate the cost savings that using these products bring, which they can pass on to their patients in the form of more affordable imaging exams. Kemper distributes its premium medical supplies worldwide and deals only with manufacturers who have the best reputations in the industry. At present, KMI offers products from 24 major manufacturers and are regularly adding more as they become available. The company is able to offer its supplies at the lowest possible cost by functioning on razor-thin margins without sacrificing the quality of its products or its customer service. Thus, it can offer its products at much lower prices than competing sites. Kemper also offers generic high pressure syringes for other top brands such as Medrad, Nemoto and Bracco.