Generic Injector Syringes for Medrad Injector Systems

by admin on July 03, 2020
high-pressure-syringes Kemper Medical offers a wide range of Medrad generic injector syringes that help make the cost of imaging procedures more affordable to patients without compromising the quality of care they receive. They are equivalent to OEM brands, but offered at a much lower price. CT and MRI are some of the most expensive diagnostic procedures today, typically costing thousands of dollars per procedure. Expensive brand-name syringes are one of the major contributors to these high costs. Kemper Medical offers an affordable alternative to branded syringes, providing high-quality generic injector syringes to imaging centers, radiology suites and cath labs. CT and MRI can save lives by providing an early diagnosis for life-threatening illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. Our generic medical supplies can help bring down the cost of these procedures to make them more accessible to many patients who have limited financial resources. Here is a brief overview of Kemper’s Medrad-equivalent product line. Products come in cases, with each case containing fifty syringes. Turnaround time for the shipments is one to two business days and products are shipped globally using the freight forwarder MyUs. However, clients have the option to designate their own freight forwarder or apply for an account number with MyUs, which allows them to choose from the available shipping choices. CTP-125-FLS equivalent syringes. These front-loading syringes are the equivalent of the Medrad Front Load Syringe Kit (CTP-125-FLS) used in Medrad Envision CT and Medrad Vistron CT injection systems. Both systems are reliable CT injectors that deliver precise doses of contrast media to ensure superior diagnostic accuracy through more accurate diagnostic images. Each package comes with a 125-ml syringe, a 60-inch coiled low-pressure connecting tube and a fill straw/quick-fill tube. To order, ask for model number 100103. CTP-200-FLS equivalent syringes. These front-loading syringes are the equivalent of the Medrad Front Load Syringe Kit (CTP-200-FLS) that is used in Medrad Envision CT, Medrad MCT Plus and Medrad Vistron CT injection systems. The kit includes a 200-ml syringe, fill straw/quick-fill tube and a 60-inch (125 cm) coiled tube. For ordering purposes, model number is 100101. 150-FT-Q/ 200-FT-Q equivalent syringe. These high-pressure syringes work with Mark V and Mark V ProVis CT injector systems. Although the Mark V ProVis is no longer available in the US, these reliable injectors are still in use in many medical centers who still require supplies for them. Each package includes a 150ml syringe and a fill straw/quick-fill tube. Model number is 100201 for the 150-FT-Q and 100202 for the 200-FT-Q. Spectris MRI equivalent syringes and SQK65VS equivalent syringes. These generic injector syringes are intended for use with the Spectris MR injector systems. As with the Mark V ProVis, Spectris MRI are no longer available but are still in use in many medical clinics and imaging centers, and thus still require syringes. Each kit includes two 65ml syringes, a coiled 250ml Y-Connecting low-pressure tubing and a short and long spike. Model number is 100301 for Spectris equivalent syringes and 100301T for SQK65VS. Spectris Solaris MRI equivalent syringes. These syringes are used with Spectris Solaris MRI injector systems. The Solaris takes the already high-performing Spectris MR injector system and further enhances its performance capabilities. Each kit comes with a 115ml syringe, 250ml low-pressure T coiled MRI tubing with check valve, one short spike and one long spike. Model number is 100302. SSQK65VS and SSQK115VS equivalent syringes. These syringes are used with Spectris Solaris injection systems. Each kit comes with a 65ml syringe and a 115ml syringe, a T coiled 250ml Low-Pressure MRI tubing and a long spike and short spike. Model number is 100302. Kemper Medical is a distributor of premium medical supplies worldwide, and represents more than 24 major manufacturers. KMI is aggressively expanding, and adding new products daily. We are also quickly filling category niches to meet the needs of our clients. All our products are OEM equivalent and are as good as the originals. To make shopping more convenient for you, the site allows you to compare multiple products, allowing you to find the one that best suits your budgets and your requirements. KMI’s founder is Greg Kemper, a former CT and X-ray technician. He understands the needs of medical establishments for affordable generic injector syringes and other equivalent products. To ensure that MRI offers the most affordable prices, it operates with razor-thin margins but without sacrificing the quality of its products or its superior service. The products it offers are not cheap knock-offs but the same name brand supplies found on other sites, which sell them at much higher prices.