Unbranded High Pressure Syringes for Nemoto Injection Systems

by admin on September 16, 2020
high-pressure-syringes Kemper Medical offers unbranded high pressure syringes for Nemoto injection systems. Nemoto Korindo is a Tokyo-based manufacturer and exporter of medical imaging equipment for CT and MRI, and recognized as a world leader in contrast injector technologies. Founded in 1939, the company has grown to be a leader in the field of medical injection systems. In 1972 it produced the first compression tank injector for cerebral blood vessels. At present, the company offers injectors for CT, MRI and angiography procedures that offer operators the capability of creating personalized protocols for patients in order to meet particular diagnostic goals. To ensure that their products can be safely integrated in MRI rooms, their injectors are made with non-ferrous materials. The generic syringes sold by KMI are equivalent to their branded counterparts, but at substantially lower prices. They are of the same high quality as the originals to ensure that patient care is not compromised. Since the cost of the disposables is much less, the cost savings are also reflected in the lower costs of the procedures, which make them more accessible to a greater number of patients. Kemper Medical distributes products from 24 major medical device manufacturers and distributes its products all over the world. The injection systems for which KMI offers OEM equivalent high pressure syringes include the Dual Shot CT injector, produced in collaboration with GE Healthcare, and the Nemoto Alpha series. The Dual Shot uses plunger-style syringes that can be filled outside of the injector, making set up of the procedure more efficient. Further helping to improve the set-up of the procedure, the Dual Shot makes Quick Purge and Quick Fill features standard on the device. The Alpha series includes the Dual Shot Alpha 7 and the Smart Shot. The Alpha 7 features the Power Head that makes loading syringes easier, using the one-touch adapter with the snap lock that locks the syringes into place with a “snap!” sound. It also features an assortment of pre-programmed protocols to simplify operation, including the proprietary body weight protocol. The Smart Shot is a single head injection system which offers an injection speed of up to 10ml/sec and is controlled using the seven-inch touchscreen. The device memory can store up to thirty results for easily retrieval later. The OEM equivalent high pressure syringes for Nemoto injection systems include: Generic syringes for the A-60, Dual Shot and A-300 injector systems are the OEM equivalent C855-5106 and OEM equivalent C855-5202. The 5202 kit includes a 200ml syringe with a quick-fill tube and a sixty-inch low-pressure connecting tube. The 5106 package includes a 100ml syringe with a quick-fill tube, a long spike and a coiled sixty-inched connecting tube. Each case includes fifty syringes and the lead time for delivery is one to two business days. Syringes for Alpha CT systems include the 300103B, which is used on the saline side, and the 300103A on the contrast side. The kit for the 300103B includes a 60ml syringe and a short spike and that of the 300103A includes a 100ml syringe, a long spike, a coiled sixty-inch low pressure connecting tube with a pressure valve. The two devices are custom built kits that are designed to match OEM parts. The 300106-AM is designed to work with the Alpha 7 CT and the Dual Shot Alpha B200 injector systems and the kit comes with two 200ml syringes, a long spike, a quick fill tube and a coiled sixty-inch connector tube with dual check valve. It is OEM equivalent to the Nemoto syringe C855-5408. Syringes for Dual Shot CT injectors include the 300104A, the 300104B and the 300105-AM. The 300104B package includes a 60ml syringe and a short spike, while the 300104A includes a 200ml syringe, a quick fill tube and a coiled sixty-inch connection tubing with a check valve. The two can either be used separately or in conjunction with each other. The 300105-AM kit comes with a 100ml and a 200ml syringe as well as two quick fill tubes and a coiled sixty-inch tubing with dual check valve, and is OEM equivalent to the Nemoto syringe C855-5308. There are also generic high pressure syringes available for the Sonic Shot GX and the 120S CT injector systems. The 300202-AM is OEM equivalent to the 120S and the kit includes a 125ml syringe and a quick-fill tube, while the 300301-AM is OEM equivalent to the Sonic Shot GX and includes two 60ml syringes, a short spike, a long spike and a coiled ninety-six inch connector tubing with a check valve.