Pediatric Exam Tables For Your Most Precious Patients

by admin on June 14, 2020


Pediatric treatment tables help keep young patients calm and comfortable during a medical examination in doctor’s offices, clinics or hospitals. Some pediatric exam tables come in colorful designs to create a fun and kid-friendly environment for children of all ages. If you work in a pediatric care facility, then pediatric exam tables are just what you and your patients need. Pediatric exam tables are smaller than treatment tables, typically sized appropriately for children of various ages. Most importantly, they’re designed with fun art and bright colors that help make children feel more at ease when visiting the doctor—a prospect that can be scary for young ones. Do you need new exam tables for your healthcare facility? From keeping patients and caregivers safe to meeting health codes to sticking to your budget, there’s a lot to consider before choosing the right tables for your hospital or private practice. That’s why we’re breaking down the different types of exam tables along with their benefits so that you can have a comprehensive look at what to expect before you start shopping.


Treatment tables are the simplest form of exam table, and they are commonly found in physical therapy facilities and other medical areas where similar treatments are performed. This type of table is padded for comfort and upholstered in healthcare grade vinyl for cleanability. There may be a shelf or storage drawers underneath the seated area, but treatment tables are generally quite simple and meant only to provide basic functions needed in an exam area.


Pediatric Alley Cats and Dogs Phlebotomy CartStandard box tables are found in most exam rooms. These feature the same padded vinyl seats as treatment tables, but the backrest of the chair is able to be moved up and down either pneumatically or electrically so that the patient can be easily repositioned as needed. Box tables typically include a heavy duty step to assist patients in getting up onto the table, which is raised high off the ground so that the exam can take place. Storage is often included within this type of healthcare table so that hospital gowns and paper rolls can be kept nearby. If possible, choose a box table with dual access drawers when outfitting a small exam room. This will ensure that healthcare providers can get to the contents of the drawers easily no matter where the exam table is set up. Treatment tables are more than just a piece of clinic furniture. They ensure the best possible interaction between the therapist and special needs patient. Look at all selections of user-friendly wood, steel and pediatric treatment tables and accessories to find the right solution for your medical office. Visiting the doctor's office as a child has the potential to cause anxiety and uncertainty. Oftentimes pediatricians design their office space to display colors and playful designs that are appealing to pediatric patients. If you’re looking for the appearance of a doctor's office to help reduce anxiety for young patients, there are many types and styles of pediatric exam tables for you. Pediatric treatment tables are first designed with safety in mind. Although the tables are intended to entertain and maybe distract pediatric patients, safety and durability are essential. Pediatric Series – Fire Engine Blood Drawing ChairThere are a lot of fun pediatric treatment tables with different designs and accommodating features. We will talk about some basic functions, colors, and central themes. For example, there are some themes that you can find at every company that sells pediatric exam tables. We will look at six of the most popular themes and what you need in these exam tables for great ease and function in their use:
    • FIRE ENGINE: Your patients will be smiling when they see a Fire Engine pediatric exam table and won't know even remember they are at the doctors office. You will be smiling too as you speed through exams without stopping for unhappy kids. Their ride will be a safe one with graphics that are permanently embedded in high pressure laminate and will not peel off The comfort pad is made from high-density foam and has premium stain resistant woven knit back upholstery . These tables have 3 separate storage units in them and a concealed paper dispenser.
    • SAFARI: Cruise through the jungle on a safari pediatric exam table. Kids will love “riding” on a safari wagon while getting examined and you can ask them about all the animals they see. This off-road vehicle sports plenty of animal illustrations, authentic wheels, and black tread tires. The 2" thick replaceable pad will ensure a comfortable ride for your patients. This pediatric exam table is perfect for getting through the jungle safely and quickly.
    • TROLLEY: Bring a little bit of magic, comfort, and “Mr. Rogers” familiarity with a trolley pediatric exam table. Your patients will love climbing aboard a trolley designed table and it will have plenty of room for supplies in drawers, cabinets and paper dispenser that are hidden in the trolley itself. A trolley designed pediatric exam table is full of fun and functionality.
    • ZOO BUS:  A Zoo Bus is always a popular motif for a pediatric exam table. What kid does not like climbing onto a bus, especially when they can pretend they are on the way to the zoo, with animals already peeking out of the windows? Your patients will love climbing up onto a Zoo Bus pediatric exam table. The pads should be a two inch foam pad with a durable kid-resistant cover. Drawers and cabinets should be easy to access and hidden in the design and art on the table.
    • OUTBACK RIDE: Capturing the same fun and excitement of a Zoo Bus or a Safari themed pediatric exam table, complete with animal laminate pictures in the windows of the Outback Ride, this table stays with the knowledge that all kids are delighted by animals.  This pediatric exam table is perfect for getting through the outback (and the exam) safely and quickly.
  • ICE CREAM TRUCK: If you are looking for something a little different than animals, an ice cream pediatric exam table features a ice cream treats and imagination that your patients will love. Look for plenty of storage in a pediatric exam table with doors and full extension drawers. Some exam tables even have retractable foot rests providing a way for the kids that “can do it myself” to climb up. Maybe, if they are good, there may even be a treat waiting inside for them.
Pediatric exam tables can take a lot of the worry from little minds about visiting the doctor. Look for quality construction and durability. Also, look for rounded, soft edges and the ability to be cleaned often without chipping or fading any of the detail that makes them so interesting, comfortable, and fun for kids.