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by admin on June 10, 2020

Radiographic Markers From Kemper Medical

Radiographic markers are a necessity in medical fields of all kinds, including:
  • Medical facilities
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Chiropractic facilities
  • Veterinarian clinics
  • Dentist’s offices
And more. Radiographic markers are almost universally required in all of these facilities. Lead Radiographic MarkersNo matter what name they go by - anatomical side markers, lead markers, x-ray lead markers, Pb markers, or radiographic film identification markers - they are all used for the same purpose, which is the recording of certain necessary information on x-rays for both legal and medical reasons. Radiographic markers produce information on x-rays through the use of negative space, as they are comprised of lead which is a natural radiation blocker. This is because the atomic structure of lead is dense enough to repel the small wavelength, high frequency radiation of ultraviolet light, x-rays, and even gamma radiation. The result is the indication of certain information such as:
  • The patient’s body position at the time the x-ray was taken
  • The name of the patient
  • The date and time of the x-ray
  • The name or initials of the radiographer
  • The distinction of the left hand side of the body from the right
Our radiographic markers are high in quality, and we provide them at prices that are affordable as part of our dedication to the medical field at large. With Kemper Medical, Inc., you can rest assured that you are getting the products you need at an affordable price.

Why Choose Kemper Medical, Inc. For Your Radiographic Markers?

At Kemper Medical, Inc., we are proud to be a worldwide distributor of radiographic markers and other medical products. We operate on a razor thin margin in order to give you the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. Our radiology lead markers, like all of our medical products, have their source in the most trusted manufacturers who have gained a reputation for quality. Although we offer our products at low prices, they are guaranteed to be reliable, durable, and complete their stated purpose consistently.

The Medical Necessity Of Radiographic Markers

Radiographic Lead MarkersThe proper diagnosis and treatment of patients rests on the ability of technicians to record all of the information required for such procedures, and our radiographic markers will ensure that this happens. Our radiographic markers will indicate things such as the distinction of the left side of the body from the right, without which medical treatments can’t be performed properly. Our radiographic markers will ensure proper diagnosis for people who have the following conditions:
  • Dextrocardia: People with this condition have their heart residing in the right side of their chest rather than in the left.
  • Situs Inversus: People with this condition have all of their organs located in the opposite side of their body.
It should go without saying that failure to account for these conditions can lead to the fatal misdiagnosis of patients. However, that shouldn’t belittle the importance of the left/right distinction of people of normal physicality, as there are other conditions in which the left/right distinction is just as important. It doesn't’ matter how arbitrary it may seem to the layman, radiographic markers should be able to distinguish the left hand side of the body from the right. All radiological technicians should have had comprehensive training on how to properly use their radiographic markers as part of their schooling, and Kemper Medical, Inc. provides the equipment required to record all of the necessary information clearly and legibly on all x-rays.

The Legal Necessity Of Radiographic Markers

 Large Radiation Caution SignFailure to record certain information on x-rays will nullify their use as a legal document in the unfortunate case that a medical facility is to be involved in a lawsuit for any reason. X-rays can only be considered a proper legal document if the radiation used to produce them passes through a radiographic marker in such a way that all of the required information is clear, concise, and legible. Fortunately, Kemper Medical, Inc. provides the radiographic markers necessary to accomplish this, allowing radiology technicians to protect themselves against possible legal action should it happen in the future. All medical and legal requirements will be fulfilled with our radiographic markers.

Different Radiographic Markers From Kemper Medical, Inc.

Kemper Medical provides a wide variety of radiographic markers, including:
  • Standard Left/Right Radiographic Markers: At the very least, all medical facilities should include the standard left/right radiographic markers to properly distinguish the left side of the body from the right. These are a necessary factor when it comes to radiologic diagnostics and treatment.
  • Informative Radiographic Markers: These will give rad techs the ability to record further information, such as a variety of measurement standards, time elapsed, date of the taking of the x-ray, the patient’s name, and the name of the radiographer.
  • Mammographic Radiographic Markers: This set of radiographic markers includes a standardized set of abbreviations that have all been created by the ACR (American College Of Radiology). This particular set includes a wide variety of radiographic markers, all of which will provide the ability to label various mammographic images through many imprints.
  • Positioning Radiographic Markers: These markers allow you to record information such as the position of the patient's body during the x-ray, as well as whether or not the patient’s body was supine or erect at the time of the x-ray, or whether or not they were weight bearing at the time.
  • Sun-Dial Radiology Lead Markers: These radiographic markers give radiological technicians the ability to record information as it relates to the amount of time that has passed since the sustaining of an injury, the time in which the patient was administered, and the time of the taking of the x-ray. This is accomplished through the use of center dials that can record anywhere from fifteen minutes to forty eight hours.
  • Skin Markers: These radiographic markers give rad techs the ability to highlight specific areas of the skin through the use of bb markers, lead wire markers, semi-translucent markers, and scar tissue wire.

Recent Developments In The Technology Behind Radiographic Markers

R & L Elite Personalized Single Clipper X-ray MarkersIt may be time to update your radiographic markers! Modern technology is continuing to advance, and with it comes improvements in the medical field and the technology that makes it possible.
  • Clip Markers: Attaching a marker to a cassette is very easy with clip markers.
  • Copper Backing: These are great for procedures that involve high KV settings.
  • Classic Elite Markers: With these, you will meet all of the demands of modern imaging procedures.
  • Wafer Thin Markers: These involve an easy bucky clearance, and will accommodate the most recent digital equipment.
For all of the latest products and technology involved in radiographic markers, contact Kemper Medical, Inc. today!