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by admin on June 16, 2020

Why Eye Protection Is Necessary

Working in a laboratory setting, in certain industries, often means working with high levels of radiation. Among the various measures taken to ensure the safety of technicians are lab glasses, which shield the eyes from harmful levels of radiation. Lab Glasses - NIKE BRAZEN LEADED GLASSESKemper Medical provides these crucial lab glasses to technicians in various fields. The kind of radiation our lab glasses shield against is actually at such a high wavelength that it is entirely invisible to the human eye. The damage that can be caused by this form of radiation is that of ionization - the breaking down of the balanced (neutral) atomic structure, and therefore cellular structure, of the eye. This can eventually lead to cancer and radiation induced cataracts. The reason lab glasses are so important for laboratory technicians is because of their risk of consistent radiation exposure over time, which is the biggest factor of concern. Patients undergoing x-rays require less protection, as the possible damage caused by these rare exposures to radiation is minimal compared to the damage of habitual exposure to radiation dosages that technicians experience over time. Patients undergoing x-rays for diagnostic purposes experience this radiation exposure very rarely, whereas the technicians performing these diagnostic x-rays are working around high levels of radiation as a matter of course throughout their daily lives. This is why we at Kemper Medical are dedicated to providing the highest quality lab glasses at the lowest possible prices. Low prices in this case does not mean you are getting an inferior product. Our lab glasses are comprised of some of the most cutting edge technology available in the industry. Despite this fact, they are also comfortable, stylish, and easy to wear throughout your entire shift if need be. We provide lab glasses to technicians in a variety of radiological environments, such as:
  • Doctors offices
  • Physicians offices
  • Dental clinics
  • Pain clinics
  • Imaging facilities
  • Veterinarian offices

How Our Lab Glasses Protect Your Visual Structures

Kemper Medical provides lab glasses that are comprised of high quality lead, a natural radiation blocker, and one that greatly reduces the amount of harmful radiation that can enter the eye and cause ionization. Our lab glasses will protect all visual structures, including:
  • Iris: The colored part of the eye
  • Sclera: The white outer layer of the eye
  • Conjunctiva: The mucous membrane that covers the front of the eye
  • Retinal Blood Vessels: The tiny veins and arteries within the eye
Lab Glasses - MODEL F10 ECONOMY RADIATION PROTECTION GLASSESHowever, the most important visual structure our lab glasses protect is the lens of the eye. This is the clear portion of the eye, and is responsible for directing and focusing light onto the retina. The eyes are particularly sensitive to radiation, and the lense even more so. Relatively low levels of ionizing radiation can produce deleterious effects in the lens rather quickly, including cancer and radiation induced cataracts, which differ from natural cataracts that occur with age in that they manifest on the posterior part of the lense rather than the interior. Our lab glasses provide visual protection through their high quality Schott German optical lenses made of a lead equivalency of 0.75mm. We also offer frames with 0.50mm Pb Eq of side protection. All of this protective material doesn’t make these lab glasses uncomfortable or unflattering. They are light, comfortable, stylish, and easy to wear throughout your entire shift. We provide a wide range of different lab glasses comprised of frame styles that offer a high degree of radiation protection. Our equipment is commonly used in such environments as:
  • Cath Labs
  • Surgery suites
  • EP labs
  • Urological procedures
  • Interventional radiology
  • Pain management
  • Orthopedic surgery
No matter what the field is, you can rely on our lab glasses for maximum radiological protection.

Types of Lab Glasses We Provide

Premium Leaded Glasses

Our premium leaded lab glasses are some of the highest quality glasses available in the industry at the lowest prices you can find. As a company that is dedicated to the safety of technicians across a wide range of radiological fields, we are proud to offer these high quality glasses at prices that are affordable. When you purchase these glasses from Kemper Medical, you can rest assured you’re getting one of the best deals in the industry.

Leaded Eyewear

Lab Glasses - RAY BAN 5268 RADIATION PROTECTION GLASSESOur leaded eyewear lab glasses are crucial for protecting your eyes from x-rays. These lab glasses are comprised of some of the highest quality materials available, and will protect your eyes from the radiation produced by a number of different machines, such as:
  • Interventional radiology equipment
  • CT image scanners
  • Digital x-rays
  • Traditional x-rays
These kind of lab glasses are crucial if you are working in an area that does not have a shielded room to which you can retreat during times of possible radiation exposure. These glasses will keep you from getting radiation doses and provide you with the safety you need. Although it may seem contrary to intuition, primary beam radiation is in fact less dangerous than scatter radiation. This is because scatter radiation is radiation that bounces off various surfaces, including medical equipment and patient’s bodies, and can quickly reach you even if you are outside of its direct path. If you are working in an environment with direct beam radiation, scatter radiation, or both, our leaded eyewear will ensure the long-term health of your visual structures, shielding them from consistent radiation exposure.

Radiation Glasses

Lab Glasses - NIKE MOJO RADIATION PROTECTION GLASSESOur radiation lab glasses should always be worn when working around radiation. Fortunately, the material comprising them is both effective at blocking radiation without making them uncomfortable to wear, or unstylish for that matter. Many technicians fail to wear their lab glasses consistently as they find them uncomfortable or unflattering. When it comes to our radiation lab glasses, none of this is a problem, as they are comfortable, good looking, and easy to wear. Our radiation glasses are also available in both prescription and non-prescription lenses.

Protective Glasses

Whether you are working at a dental office, a hospital, a medical office, or a radiology lab, our protective lab glasses can be worn easily whenever you need them, even throughout your entire shift, without discomfort. They’re comprised of some of the highest material that can be found in the industry. Best of all, with Kemper Medical, you can rest assured you are getting them at some of the lowest prices possible. We also provide free shipping on most of our protective lab glasses as part of our dedication to technician safety. We pride ourselves on providing the best lab glasses at the lowest prices, ensuring the long-term health and safety of technicians in a variety of different fields.