Radiation Aprons - Choosing The Right Protective Gear

by admin on June 18, 2020
Radiation-Aprons Let's talk about how to choose the right Radiation Aprons and other protective gear. Choosing what is best for you can be sometimes difficult and costly. At Kemper Medical Inc. we want to help make the process easier and more cost effective. We have Radiation Aprons that meet the highest of standards and they are very affordable.

Facts about Radiation Aprons

  • While Lead has been the leading material in most aprons it is not the only thing used to make them. Often time’s tungsten and tin are used to produce radiation apron products and can lessen the radiation that you are exposed to sometimes even better than lead. The term lead equivalency is how they measure the amount of protection that is provided even when lead is not necessarily used.
  • When caring for your radiation apron make sure to always hang it up, do not fold it. This can create cracks which radiation can seep through and cause too much exposure. Replacing your apron every ten years is a good idea. Some can last a shorter period if they are not properly taken care of.
  • There is also isn't just one variety of aprons, they come in different sizes, colors and types. They are made to protect different parts of the body such as the front, back and thyroid.
  • Radiation Aprons are made from different materials which consist of Lead, Lead (Pb) Composite Shielding and Non-Lead (Pb) and Lead (Pb) Free Shielding.

Types of Radiation Aprons

When choosing which type of apron you want to purchase there are some key factors to consider; which type of procedure will be performed, how long it will be and how much weight you can stand to have on your person.
  • Frontal Protection: these protect the front of the body and have different option for securing including velcro, buckle and strap.
  • Back Protection: when choosing a back protection there are many options including the basic plain back apron, there are some that are more flexible for the back and can help aid in back relief and support. There are also those that are specialized for pregnancy and thyroid protection already sewn in.
  • Frontal and Back Protection: These aprons protect the front and the back of the body and are best for overall protection from the radiation. These can come in full wrap aprons which are good for longer procedures because they are easier on the back. They can also come in a vest style, a skirt or even one that con be slipped right over scrubs.
When choosing what apron is best for you it really comes down to what will protect you the most with the procedures you perform or what are done on patients, what are you going to be the most comfortable in and your style preference. We sell many varieties of aprons and protection clothing. They come in all kinds of colors and prints to fit your style. We hope that this article was helpful in figuring out your option and we would love for you to check out our website and see what is available.