Glitter X-Ray Markers: Stylish And Fun In A Serious Way

by admin on July 04, 2020


Elapse Sun-Dial X-ray MarkerX-ray markers, also known as: anatomical side markers, Pb markers, lead markers, x-ray lead markers, or radiographic film identification markers, are used to mark x-ray films, both in hospitals and in industrial workplaces (such as on aeroplane parts and motors). They are used on radiographic images to determine anatomical side of body, date of the procedure, and may include patients name. The purpose of a lead marker is to mark an x-ray. You will commonly find markers in “left” and “right” letter options, to clearly identify each side of the patient’s body. By labeling the left and right side during an x-ray, it can prevent future mistakes and confusion.When you have completed the requirements (classes, degrees, extra trainings and graduation) to become a radiologic technician in the industry, you will want to show off your skills and mark your work forever. The best (and most fun) way to do this is with your very own personalized set (or many sets) of customized glitter x-ray markers. X-ray markers, including the fashionable, popular and fun glitter x-ray markers, contain lead as the material that the letters and numbers are comprised of. These lead numbers and letters (as well as any shapes that will show up in an x-ray) are encased in plastic, acrylic, or another polymer that does not show up on an x-ray. Lead is a chemical element with symbol Pb (from the Latin plumbum) and atomic number 82. It is a heavy metal that is denser than most common materials. Lead is soft and malleable, and has a relatively low melting point. When freshly cut, lead is silvery with a hint of blue; it tarnishes to a dull gray color when exposed to air. Lead has the highest atomic number of any stable element and three of its isotopes each conclude a major decay chain of heavier elements. Mammo 1/4″ Word X-ray Marker – 2-3 CharactersMost x-ray markers consist of a right and a left letter with the radiographer's initials. There are also available markers to indicate positioning of the body as in, laying down, sitting up, turned on his or her back or stomach, or side to side. Also, your glitter x-ray markers will can indicate the time it was when you performed the procedures.
  • Lead Letters & Numbers are used commonly in radiographs. You very own unique and special glitter x-ray markers will show others your particular x-rays and work with no effort.
  • Benefits of using lead material is that its clear easy to read figures in x-ray and that they will withstand long exposure without fading. You can order all glitter x-ray markers with lead material.
  • Mammography markers - these are markers used during mammography procedure and glitter x-ray markers will be especially appreciated here.
  • Personalizing your own glitter x-ray markers will let you stand out among all the rest; yours will be easy to find and identify as being uniquely yours.
Suremark ClearmarksSome X-ray markers are made with cartoon pictures or glitter-sparkle included on the markers. This style marker, known as mapmakers, demonstrates right or left side and incorporates technologists’ initials. Your very own glitter x-ray markers will let everyone involved with your work know exactly who took the x-rays. When looking for glitter x-ray markers with initials, it is important to look at all the aspects related to it. All it truly is, are lead letters encased in a material that is undetectable in an x-ray machine. All information in these glitter x-ray markers hold information that may seem insignificant, but actually hold details that are vital to numerous radiography divisions and focuses. There are glitter x-ray markers in a wide range of prices and customizations. There are even glitter x-ray markers in aluminum and plastic. There are substantial choices of size, shape and colors. There are ranges of markers that can be used to highlight specific areas of skin to facilitate diagnostic (x-ray) imaging. You can buy your own specific and personalized set of markers as glitter x-ray markers to show your work. These markers include:
  • Mammography Markers - these markers feature a standardized set of abbreviations created by the American College of Radiology (ACR). A good, quality set of mammogram x-ray markers will include R/L/M designations on separate markers, and degree markers. The range of markers in these sets allows the technologist to properly identify and label specific mammography images with imprinting. Like the standard left/right markers, there is a standardized color scheme for easy identification of these specialized markers: red for right, blue for left, and yellow for medial. All of these specialized markers for mammography can be made as glitter x-ray markers.
  • MRI Skin Markers - There is a broad range of radiologic skin markers for mammography; breast biopsies; radiation therapy; MRI; CT scans and general radiology.
  • Radiation Therapy Markers - A radiation therapy marker is a reference point used with imaging technology to help the doctor or radiologist keep a target area within his/her field of view to ensure accurate results for the patient. In radiation therapy, these markers are used to mark the tumor and facilitate precise delivery of the radiation energy.
  • Mole Markers - Provide certainty that densities on mammography images are moles and not areas of concern. If not disposable, multi-use glitter x-ray markers are a fun and novel way to keep the medical professional (you) and your patient amused and on your toes.
  • Nipple Markers - Immediately identify nipple location as landmark for precise measurement, help detect motion, aid in positioning in profile. Using glitter x-ray markers is always a unique and humorous way to bring a little levity into a scary situation.
Personal Touch X-ray Film Markers – Glitter PurpleThe different types of skin markers address the needs of technologists and doctors and can be used to help radiologists understand what they are seeing and where they should focus their attention. Skin markers often feature adhesive that allows them to be placed on the patient’s body prior to imaging and they are often disposable which is a sanitary alternative to permanent conventional x-ray Markers and reduce the risk of infection. If you work in the field of Radiography and perform x-rays in clinical and trauma settings, having your own personalized markers makes the difference. Whether your style is classic, cool, edgy, or fun, there are so many x-ray markers you can now buy that will definitely show off your unique style. Most X-ray technicians can agree that it’s easy to misplace x-ray markers. Personalizing your x-ray markers will help you locate your markers quickly and may even help prevent you from losing your markers. Most medical facilities require x-ray technicians to get markers with their initials to so that they can properly identify their x-ray images. Let everyone you work with know just how fun you are with your own set of glitter x-ray markers.