High Quality Radiology Markers

by admin on June 16, 2020

High Quality Radiology Markers From Kemper Medical

The purpose of radiology markers is to record certain information on medical x-rays, ensuring accurate diagnostics and successful treatment. Information these tools are meant to indicate include:
  • The patient’s name.
  • The date and time that the x-ray was taken.
  • The radiographer (often via an imprint of their initials).
  • Distinction of the left side of the body from the right.
  • The position of the patient’s body at the time the x-ray was taken.
High Quality Radiology MarkersAll professional radiological technicians should be trained in the proper use of radiology markers at some point throughout the course of their schooling. Radiological technicians should have a comprehensive understanding of their appropriate use within their respective medical fields. Radiology markers are often referred to by different names, such as: Places in which these tools are necessary include:
  • Doctor’s Offices
  • Dental Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Veterinarian Clinics
  • Chiropractic Facilities
No matter what the particular field might be, Kemper Medical is dedicated to providing technicians with the high quality radiology markers they need, ensuring that proper diagnosis and treatment can take place. Radiology markers are necessary for accurately diagnosing a wide variety of medical conditions. Kemper Medical provides radiology markers that have been manufactured by the most trusted medical supply companies in the industry. Not only that, but we provide these products at highly affordable prices as part of our dedication to the medical field at large.

The Medical Requirements Of Radiology Markers

In order for any kind of proper medical diagnosis to take place, all of the relevant information must be recorded for the later development of appropriate treatment. Radiology markers provide key pieces of information, without which proper diagnostics can’t take place. At best, this results in less effective treatment, and at worst, dangerous medical misadventures. Radiological technicians should know how to properly use their radiology markers. For instance, they should know to place their markers within the main beam of their radiographs, and know when to include certain details, such as the distinction between the left side of the body from the right. In fact, indicating the left and right side of the body is one of the most crucial aspects of radiology markers, as failing to make this distinction can result in a possibly fatal misdiagnosis. Conditions in which this distinction is particularly crucial include:
  • Dextrocardia: People with this condition have their heart situated in the right side of their chest, rather than the left.
  • Situs Inversus: People with this condition have all of their organs situated in the opposite side of their body.
These conditions are some of the most obvious ones that come to mind, however, there are many other, more subtle conditions in which making the distinction between the right and left side of the body is just as important. No matter how arbitrary their use might seem, radiology markers are required in virtually every medical facility. X-rays require clear, visible marks indicating all relevant information.

The Legal Requirements Of Radiology Markers

High Quality Radiology MarkersThe importance of radiology markers extend to the realm of legality, as failing to include certain key information will void an x-ray of its application as a legal document in case a medical facility becomes involved in a lawsuit. In order for an x-ray to be counted as a legal document, radiation must pass through a radiology marker so that all relevant information is recorded. This information must be clear, concise, and legible. It may be a requirement that the radiological technician’s initials be included on the x-ray as well, depending on the medical facility. It may also be a requirement that the radiological technician use their own signature on their radiology markers, which include their initials. Kemper Medical provides all of the radiology markers you need to ensure you are in full compliance with both medical and legal requirements. Various Forms Of Radiology Markers
  • Standard Left/Right Radiology Markers: The left/right distinction is one of the most important pieces of information that can be recorded on an x-ray. These standard radiology markers are appropriate for all medical facilities. Standard left/right x-ray markers indicate the right side of the body with red and the left side of the body with blue, making for an easy and intuitive distinction.
  • Informative Radiology Markers: These give radiological technicians the ability to record particular kinds of information, including the patient’s name, the date and time of the procedure, time elapsed, and measurement standards.
  • Positioning Radiology Markers: It may be a requirement that the position of the patient at the time of the x-ray should be indicated, and Positioning Radiology Markers will do just that. These markers will show if the patient was supine or erect, or if the patient’s body was weight bearing during the time the x-ray was taken.
  • Mammography Radiology Markers: These markers have a standardized set of abbreviations that have been created by the American College of Radiology (ACR). This set includes many different markers, all of which allow radiological technicians to label and identify various mammographic images through numerous imprints.
  • Skin Markers: These provide the ability to highlight various areas of the skin with the use of scar tissue wire, bb markers, semi-translucent markers, and lead wire markers.
  • Sun-Dial Radiology Markers: These markers have a rotating centerpiece that can be used to record information around the marker’s face. It can also be used in order to record the amount of time that’s passed since the patient first sustained their injury or were administered for diagnostics, and the time the x-ray was taken. This center dial will record anywhere between a quarter of an hour to 48 hours, so that rad techs can include a wide range of information.

Improvements In Radiological Marker Technology

If you haven’t updated your radiological markers in some time, it may be time to do so, as the technology involved has recently come a long way. Here are some technology enhancements you should be aware of:
  • Copper Backing: These markers should be used when procedures include higher KV settings.
  • Clip Markers: These make it very easy to attach a marker to a cassette.
  • Classic Elite Markers: These markers have been designed to meet all requirements in modern imaging procedures.
  • Wafer Thin Markers: These markers are great accommodations to new modern digital equipment, and involve an easy bucky clearance.

Why Choose Kemper Medical?

We provide the highest quality radiology markers at the lowest possible prices as part of our dedication to the medical field at large. Kemper Medical is a worldwide distributor, and you can expect our medical products to be comprised of leading technology. We pride ourselves for our hand in proper medical diagnostics all over the world with our quality radiology markers.