Rad Tech X-Ray Markers for Cheap

by admin on July 06, 2020
Rad Tech X-Ray Markers for Cheap Here at Kemper Medical, we believe that you deserve high quality medical equipment at prices you can afford. That’s why we offer a wide range of rad tech x-ray markers for cheap prices. But don’t let our cheap prices fool you. All of the equipment we sell is manufactured by leading medical supply companies with a reputation for excellence. We simply pride ourselves on offering you great prices on high quality medical products created by manufacturers you can trust.

Importance of X-Ray Lead Markers

Individualized rad tech x-ray markers are required by almost all medical offices because medical best practices dictate that x-rays be clearly imprinted with left/right designations. These designations are very important for both medical and legal reasons. It is also common for many facilities to require the technician's initials to be imprinted on the film for a variety of reasons. From your earliest x-ray training, you should have been taught the correct and consistent use of x-ray lead markers, but let’s take a brief look at some of the reasons why the use of x-ray lead markers is important.

Medical Importance of X-Ray Markers

The primary purpose of x-ray lead markers is to designate the patient’s left and right sides. For some, the common use of rad tech x-ray markers may seem rather arbitrary, but it is often of vital importance. Understanding the positioning of specific injuries can be very important to patient care. Additionally, proper labeling can be pivotal in diagnosing organ positioning disorders like dextrocardia or situs inversus.

Legal Importance of X-Ray Markers

While rad tech x-ray markers are important in diagnostics, they are also vitally important for legal reasons. There are occasions when x-ray films are used as legal documents, including circumstances where your medical facility is being sued. In order for x-rays to be considered legal documents, radiation must pass through your marker so that the marker is visible and readable on the x-ray image. The relatively recent advent of digital radiology has not changed this requirement. Simple designation of left and right will typically fulfill this legal requirement, but many facilities require the rad tech’s initials to be included in the initial x-ray image. That is why these medical and radiology facilities require rad techs to acquire their own x-ray lead markers that include the tech’s initials.

Types of X-Ray Lead Markers

Standard Left/Right X-Ray Markers

As discussed above, the designation of a patient’s left and right sides is both medically and legally important. The presence of the rad tech’s initials, however, is often a matter of company policy rather than medical or legal necessity. These initials help facilities and radiologists to quickly know which rad tech took the images. Standard x-ray lead markers come in a set that includes color coded left and right markers. Traditionally, left markers are blue and right markers are red. This standard color coding simplifies the identification of left and right x-ray film markers during x-ray procedures.

Positioning X-Ray Markers

Under specific circumstances, your medical facility may require specific positioning information to be imposed on the image using various positioning x-ray markers. Important positioning information can include if the client was supine or erect or if the image was taken while the affected body part was weight bearing. Some standard left/right x-ray markers feature a bubble compartment that holds three lead balls. These lead balls can be useful in understanding the position in which the x-ray was taken without the necessity of using separate positioning x-ray markers.

Informative X-Ray Markers

While not required by law, additional x-ray markers can be used to provide additional information above and beyond left/right, positioning, and rad tech identification. Some facilities will use x-ray lead markers to imprint x-ray films with information including
  • Patient Name
  • Procedure Date
  • Procedure Time
  • Time Elapsed
  • Measurement Standards

Sun-Dial X-Ray Markers

Kemper Medical offers a few different sun-dial x-ray markers that feature a rotating center piece that can be used to designate specific information located around the face of the marker. For example, an Hour Sun Dial X-Ray Marker can be used to designate how much time has elapsed since the patient was injured or admitted. On this particular x-ray lead marker, the center dial can be turned to indicate times ranging from a quarter hour to 48 hours. These sun-dial markers allow a technician to imprint x-rays with a range of information using just a single marker.

Skin Markers

There are a range of markers that can be used to highlight specific areas of skin to facilitate diagnostic imaging. These markers include semi-translucent markers, scar tissue wire, bb markers, and lead wire markers. The different types of skin markers can be used to help radiologists understand what they are seeing and where they should focus their attention. Skin markers often feature adhesive that allows them to be placed on the patient’s body prior imaging.

Mammogram X-Ray Markers

Mammography x-ray markers feature a standardized set of abbreviations created by the American College of Radiology (ACR). A good, quality set of mammogram x-ray markers will include R/L/M designations, base abbreviations on separate markers, and degree markers. The range of markers in these sets allows the rad tech to properly identify and label specific mammographic images with imprinting. Like the standard left/right markers, there is a standardized color scheme for easy identification of these specialized markers: red for right, blue for left, and yellow for medial.

Personalized X-Ray Markers

Many modern medical facilities allow their rad techs to purchase personalized x-ray markers that may or may not adhere to the standard red/blue color coding. If you want to buy personalized x-ray markers, we suggest that you first make sure that your medical facility doesn’t require standard red/blue x-ray lead markers. Some of the more common types of personalized rad tech x-ray markers include
  • Single Color X-Ray Marker Sets
  • Tie-Dye X-Ray Markers
  • Glitter X-Ray Markers
  • Uniquely Shaped X-Ray Markers
  • Graphic X-Ray Markers
Most of these x-ray marker styles are self explanatory, but you may be wondering what graphic x-ray markers are. Well, graphic x-ray markers feature the standard lead lettering on one side and two different graphics on the reverse side. The different images allow the user to easily distinguish between their left and right markers.

Clip X-Ray Markers

Rad tech x-ray markers are small by nature and can be easily misplaced. We offer a range of clip x-ray markers that are designed to help you keep track of your markers. As their name implies, they are specially designed to clip onto specific surfaces. Not only is it harder to lose these markers, they are also easier to hook onto an imaging plate or a plate with a grid cap.

Wafer Thin X-Ray Markers

Traditional x-ray markers can be relatively thick by nature. However, newer digital imaging equipment necessitates thinner markers for easy use. Wafer thin x-ray markers are designed to provide easy bucky clearance, making them ideal for use in these modern machines.

Copper Backed X-Ray Markers

Most x-ray lead markers have an acrylic, plastic, or aluminum backing. However, copper backing on your x-ray markers is important when you need to use a higher kilovoltage (kV) setting. Copper filtered x-ray markers are specially designed for use at higher kV settings.

X-Ray Film Stickers

Occasionally, film may be mismarked or unmarked using x-ray lead markers. If this occurs, on-site personnel including technicians and radiologists should discuss the risks and benefits of performing new image scans. As part of this discussion, those present should consider the likelihood that these images may need to be considered legal documents. Regardless of the decision on retaking the images, all mismarked and unmarked images should be tagged with an x-ray film sticker. Like the x-ray lead markers, these stickers are color coded: red for right and blue for left.

Rad Tech X-Ray Markers

If you find yourself in need of x-ray markers for cheap, we encourage you to check out the range of x-ray lead markers offered by Kemper Medical. We’re sure that you’ll find exactly what you need at a price you can afford.