SafetySure Mary's Aide Transfer Sling

SafetySure Mary's Aide Transfer Sling

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Mobility Assist Equipment for Home & Medical Facilities

  • Model: 6045-MTS
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    SafetySure Mary's Aide Transfer Sling

    The SafetySure™ Mary's Aide Transfer Sling provides caregivers with extremely secure hold and control during patient transfers.  Shaped like an undergarment, it is worn over the patient's clothing and supports both mid-section and buttocks. Made of tough, woven nylon with hook and loop (Velcro-like) closures.

    During the transfer, the Mary's Aide Transfer Sling stays securely in place without binding or riding up.  Doesn't interfere with G-tubes, chest tubes, or urinary catheters.
    The additional handle on the back provides grip for gait training as an alternative to a gait belt.
    Machine wash and dry or wipe clean.  One size fits most adults.  Weight capacity 250 lbs.  Latex free.

    Additional Information
    Weight: 3 lbs
    Dimensions: 16x8x4 in
    Brand: MTS Medical Supply
    Capacity: 250 lbs