SafetySure Pivot Disc
SafetySure Pivot Disc

SafetySure Pivot Disc

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Mobility Assist Equipment for Home & Medical Facilities

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    SafetySure Pivot Disc
    An individual with impaired mobility from paralysis or limited lower body functions can use the SafetySure® Pivot Disc (SST Pivot Disc) unassisted in a very efficient way. If the patient cannot use his/her upper extremities a helper will be needed.
    • Transfer between a wheelchair and a toilet.
    • Transfer between a chair and a wheelchair.
    • Transfer between a chair or wheelchair and a bed.
    Available in three diameters
    5081 - 13"
    5082 - 15"
    5083 - 18"

    Placement of the Pivot Disc
    The SST Pivot Disc is placed on the floor with the label facing downwards.  The individual's feet are positioned completely on the disc to facilitate a smooth transfer and reduce back strain on both the individual and caregiver.  The handle of the Pivot Disc should be place facing the individual to prevent interfering with the caregivers feet.  The caregiver should place one foot on the Pivot Disc to safely monitor and control the transfer.  After using the Pivot Disc, it should be immediately removed from the floor.
    Advantages of the SST Pivot Disc
    Because of the lightweight and convenient grip handle, the SST Pivot Disc is easy to use and carry.  The Pivot Disc is made of high quality polymer plates for ease of motion.  The Pivot Disc is also equiped with anti-glide tapes on both sides to prevent slipping on the floor or when the individual is standing on the Pivot Disc.
    Tansfers between a chair and a wheelchair 
    The SST Pivot Disc is "locked" in place when the caregiver places their heel comfortably on the floor and the rest of their foot on the plate between the feet of the individual to be transferred (fig 2).  In order to make the transfer as easy as possible, the individual being transferred should wear an SST Transfer Belt.  The handles on the Transfer Belt provides a solid grip for the caregiver.
    Transfers between a wheelchair and a toilet
    Proper use of the SST Pivot Disc is this situation is idential to transfer between a chair and wheelchair.  However, it is safer and easier with two cargivers, each wearing a SST Transfer Belt.  As shown in figure 1, the caregiver(s) can use their free hand to help undress the indiviudal before placing him/her on the toilet.

    (Figure 1) - Transfer between wheelchair and toilet
    Transfers between a Bed and Wheelchair
    Before moving an individual from a bed to a wheelchair, make sure that the wheelchair is positioned as close to the bed as possible, with the wheels locked.  For better control and safety, always have the individual wear a SST Transfer Belt (fig. 2)

    (Figure 2) - Transfer between bed and wheelchair

    Additional Information
    Weight: 4 lbs
    Dimensions: 17x17x2 in
    Brand: MTS Medical Supply
    Capacity: 400 lbs