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Mobility Assist Equipment for Home & Medical Facilities

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    SafetySure Transfer Gurney - with Insert
    The SafetySure® Transfer Gurney(SSTG) can be used to turn, lift and transfer your heavier patients.  The plastic insert provides strength and rigidity which aids in sliding the gurney in position while foam padding protects the patient's skin when transferring from a soft to hard surface.  The sewn in handles form a figure eight, allowing the patients weight to be evenly distributed.  Made from durable nylon fabric, the SafetySure Transfer Gurney and be machine washed.  Prior to washing remove the plastic insert and foam padding.  The small Transfer Gurney comes with four handles and is ideal for your pediatric patients.  The large Transfer Gurney comes with 10 handles.
    The SafetySure® Transfer Gurney with plastic insert is used primarily to:
    • Move a patient up in bed
    • Turn in bed
    • Transfer between bed and shower trolley, etc.
    • Lift patient from floor to bed

    Product Specifications:

    Specification Small
    Length 39" 60"
    Width 16" 34"
    Thickness 1/4" 1/4"
    Number of Handles 4 10
    Product Weight 2 lbs 5 lbs
    Weight Capacity 400 lbs 600 lbs

    The SSTG is placed underneath the individual from the head to the hips.  This is achieved by turning the patient onto one side and then inserting the SSTG with the hand grips folded under the sheet (fig. 1).  Once the SSTG is placed, roll the individual back onto the sheet.  When two caregivers lift an individual up from the floor, the SSTG should be placed with the bottom edge at the hollow of the knees (fig. 9).  After the transfer, remove the SSTG by folding in the hand grips (fig. 2) and turning the patient onto one side and carefully pulling the SSTG at an upward angle (fig. 5).

    Moving a patient up in bed
    There are many ways to move an individual in bed.  If the patient is not too heavy, the caregiver can carryout this operation without assistance (fig. 3).  For heavier individuals, an assistant is required.  The caregivers should stand on opposite sides of the individual to be lifted.  It is an advantage if the individual can push with their legs (fig. 4).  When moving the individual, be careful not to bump the individuals head against the bed headboard.

    Turning in bed
    There are many ways to turn an individual in bed.  If two caregivers are turning the individual (fig. 5), they can stand on the same side of the bed or on opposite sides.  For lighter individuals, only one caregiver maybe needed (fig. 6).  Turning is generally accomplished in two stages: the individual is first moved to the edge of the bed and then turned.  The individual should be encouraged to assist in the turning process as much as possible.  Remove the SSTG after the individual has been turned.

    Transfer between bed and shower trolley, x-ray table, etc.
    A transfer from a bed to a shower trolley, and x-ray table, etc. can be accomplished in two methods.  The caregiver can move the individual straight across (fig. 7) or the individual can be lifted from the bed and transferred.  When using the lifting method, lift the individual by the legs and hips first, followed by the upper part of the body, thereby reducing the load.  The use of a Safety Sure Transfer Sling (item 3011) around the feet and ankles can simplify the transfer.  Before executing the transfer, make sure that the casters on both transfer point are locked.

    Lifting from floor to bed
    Care should be taken when lifting to avoid injury to the individual and caregivers.  The SSTG is an excellent aid in this process and can be used by two to six caregivers.  The lift can be accomplished with the individual in either the sitting or reclining position( fig. 10 - 11).

    Additional Information
    Weight: 4 lbs
    Dimensions: 16x18x8 in
    Brand: MTS Medical Supply
    Size: Small
    Capacity: 400 lbs