Model 1387 Glassworking Safety Glasses - Light Green Filter

Model 1387 Glassworking Safety Glasses - Light Green Filter

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 Specialty Glassworking Safety Glasses for Glassblowing Professionals

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  • Manufactured by: Phillips Safety Products
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    Glassworking Safety Glasses
    Model 1387 Glassworking Safety Glasses - Light Green

    Our Model 1387 is a standard, inexpensive, but durable wrap-around safety frame. Stylish, lightweight frame and comfortable fit. Filter Option Technical Data - click link in the colored box below to learn about filter option.

    The light green is a light welding shade that filters UV and IR. It is generally used for off hand glassblowing, reheating between steps work, and furnace work.

    Light Green Glass
    Opthalmic Glass Specialty Glasses

    S-8320 Green Welding, Shade 2.0
    S-8330 Green Welding, Shade 3.0
    Light Green glass in nature. Excellent UV and IR Protection. Sometimes used in hot metal observation.


    Liability Disclaimer: Phillips Safety and Kemper Medical Employees are not optometrists and can only make suggestions concerning eye protection. There are many types of eye protection available and we manufacture as many as possible. Kemper Phillips Safety Products does not accept any liability concerning eye damage arising from the use, misuse, or non-use of any eyewear products we sell.
    For more information on protection Click Here for The Society of Glass Beadmakers NIOSH Health Hazard Report

    Additional Information
    Weight: 1 lbs
    Dimensions: 8x8x4 in
    Brand: Phillips Safety Products
    Frame Color: Black, Blue
    Frame Materials: Plastic
    Frame Style: Wrap-Around
    Gender: Male, Female
    Size: Large, Extra Large
    Temple Style: Bent
    Frame Width: 140mm
    Temple Size: 130mm
    Filter Type: Light Green